December 22, 2011

All are invited to join in the festive, intergenerational preparations of “Greening the Church” TONITE, Dec. 22nd. Come at 6 PM as we gather in anticipation and celebration, sharing in a simple meal together, then moving into the sanctuary for the Greening of the Church. We are a people of the Incarnation and we live our love, in part, through the ways in which we tend to the spaces around us, delighting in the beauty we can create, as an outward sign of our love of God and of God’s gifts to us.
“Make your house fair as you are able, trim the hearth and set the table…Love the guest is on the way!” [Wonder, Love, and Praise #724]


Our Crèche, to be set and blessed on Christmas Eve

We hope you will invite your friends and family members to join you at  Saint Andrew’s as we celebrate the Nativity of Our Lord.

Services for Christmas Eve, Saturday, December 24th
4:45 PM Music: Carols, organ, harp, and trumpet.
5:00 PM Intergenerational Service with Children’s Sermon, Setting and Blessing of the Crèche, and Holy Eucharist.

10:45 PM Carols and Instrumental music (organ and trmpet)
11:00 PM Candlelight Festival Eucharist with choir and sermon.

Christmas Day, Sunday, December 25th,
11:30 AM a simple service of Holy Eucharist with carols,
          Reminder: There will be no 8:00 or 10:00 liturgies on Christmas Day 

12:30 PM Community Christmas Dinner (All are welcome. Please call the
church office at 323-8515 to make a reservation).

A note from Carol Tubman, organizer of the feast: Our lavish holiday dinner, open to all, will be served at Saint Andrew's at 12:30 on Christmas Day. Parishioners who wish to donate a dish please sign on the sheet in the parish hall. Items such as olives, pickles, cheese/crackers, vegetables and pies will be warmly received. But most of all I would really like it if Santa would bring me a clean- up crew. If so inclined, please indicate so on the same sign-up sheet or call the office and leave a message. Thank you in advance. 

Readings for this Sunday: Isaiah 52:7-10; Psalm 98; Hebrews 1:1-14; John 1:1-14

Wondering what our “FUN” raising did this year? The following is a recap of 2011. A Big THANK YOU to all who contributed. It could not have been done without the help of the many hands that participated in so many ways.

BBQ Chicken Dinner    $ 336.23
Mardi Gras                         86.35
Lobster Dinner               1297.39
Rummage Sale                 652.29
Sandwich Fair Booth     2178.25
Harvest Supper              1408.70
Boughs & Bonbons       1249.20 

Outreach monies in the amount of $ 2,471.91 are being contributed to the following:

TCCP, Agape Ministries, Community Food Center, Seafarer’s Friend, Tamworth Community Nurses, ERD, Bearcamp Valley School, Ossipee Children’s Fund, Ossipee Concerned Citizens, Tamworth Caregivers, Starting Point, NH Community Loan Fund, Episcopal Hospital Chaplaincy, National Alliance on Mental Illness, Pilgrim Center for Reconciliation, Child Advocacy Center of Carroll County, Saint Andrew’s Mission Reserve Fund.
Fair Trade Coffee profits will be sent to Nets for Life.


ALL ARE WELCOME! To join a Service of Morning Prayer, every Wednesday at 9 AM, led by one of our three licensed worship leaders. 

PICTURES, PICTURES AND MORE PICTURES….It would be wonderful if someone could take pictures over this weekend to share. Please email them to the office and I thank you in advance. ~Debra 

Holiday Blessings from The Office at St. Andrew’s


            10a-noon Food Center
            Baskets distributed    

 Sat 12/24: Christmas Eve   
            4:45 PM Intergenerational Service
            8pm AA & Al-Anon(PH,PR)
            10:45 PM Candlelight Festival Eucharist

Sun 12/25: Christmas Day

One service only
            11:30 AM Holy Eucharist: Rite Two
                 followed by
            12:30 Community Christmas Dinner

Mon 12/26: Church office closed

Tue 12/27:    
            10a-noon Food Center
            8pm AA (PH)

Wed 12/28:    
            9am Service of Morning Prayer

Thu 12/29: