George and Tom prepared
exquisitely grilled chickens at Friday's Barbecue

Saint Andrew's-in-the-Valley
Thursday MEMO
The Nativity of Saint John the Baptist

June 24, 2011

Services for this coming Sunday, the 26th of June and the Second Sunday after Pentecost, will be at 8 and 10 AM, with coffee hour following both services and child care available at 10:00. Val May will provide harp music at the later service.

Exciting updates from Facilities Planning:
Generosity from the Tamworth Foundation
: We received word this week that the Tamworth Foundation will be providing us with a $10,000 grant toward kitchen renovation and insulation in the Parish Hall and Prince Room. We are deeply grateful for this support, a sincere recognition of the role of our hospitality in this community. Thanks to the hard work and commitment of the Facilities Planning Committee (Lynne Clough, Sally DeGroot, George and Patti Rau, Lisa Thompson, Carol Tubman, and Duane Dale, chair), decisions have already been made as to make and model of our new stove, and the counter surface. The insulation challenges are significant, due to quirks in the construction of the Parish Hall and Prince Room, but we are being ably and generously assisted by Larry Klein in making prudent decisions there. We expect work to get underway very soon on both fronts!

Plans are also on "the front burner" for replacing and upgrading our ramped entrance to the Parish Hall so as to a provide safe and secure entrance to our facility. Two falls in this area in the past two months, which fortunately led to no significant harm, have alerted us to the dangers in our ramp and entrance as things now stand. Both the Vestry and the Facilities Planning Committee see the importance of our addressing this promptly. Contractors have been contacted and bids for aspects of the project are being received. The good news is that we have received offers of volunteered service for this project from two area contractors who recognize the importance of our Parish Hall space as a truth community resource. We hope that their generosity, together with generosity of members of our parish, will make it possible for us to embark this season on a new ramp,equipped with properly designed landings and railings.

Replacement chairs for the Parish Hall: (Yes, it's time to bid farewell to the old gray clunkers.) New chairs have been ordered and could arrive as soon as this coming week. So far seven individuals have responded to the invitation to "sponsor" a chair ($50) or a part there of (seat? back? legs?). While sufficient funds have been set aside to pay the chair bill when it comes, your contribution towards a chair will help us stretch our "building projects" money. "Chair envelopes" are available in the pews. Thank you to the seven who have already stepped forward to help.

The Bishop Search Questionnaire has now been completed by 27 of us! At a diocesan clergy gathering yesterday it was reported that Saint Andrew's-in-the-Valley is currently tied (with Trinity, Meredith) for 5th place in terms of numbers of surveys submitted. Not bad, when you consider that #1 and #2 were Concord and Nashua, both large, multi-staff churches. But I think we can make it to 40 with your help! Hard copy surveys are in the Parish Hall. Click here for the electronic version. If you let me know when you have done it, we will add your name to the posted list. Thanks.

And let us not forget last Friday's successful and delicious Chicken Barbecue.
Very special thanks go the chief organizers, Carol Tubman and Lynne Clough. Gratitude also goes to the team from Lakeview Neuro Rehab Center (pictured here) who came and contributed wonderfully to the clean-up. Thank you to everyone else who contributed to the dinner, either by working on the event OR making something to donate to the meal OR both: Gretchen Behr-Svendsen, Sally DeGroot, Chris Mills, Peggy Reinfuss, Tom Reinfuss, Carol Tubman, Peg Cade, Peggy Cannon, Pat Cook, Duane Dale, June Donovan, Heidi Frantz-Dale, Ginger Heard, Claudia Kennedy, Barbara Lloyd, Val May, George Rau, Patti Rau, Elaine South, Sammie Wakefield, Nancy Whitaker. And a thank you, also, to those who bought a ticket, came, and enjoyed a tasty meal with friends.

Tickets for our 4th annual Boiled Lobster and Grilled Steak FUN-Raising Dinner on Friday, July 22nd are now available at coffee hour and by calling the church. Advance reservations are necessary for this meal.

Looking for an excuse to eat out this Saturday?
Our friends at Trinity Episcopal in Meredith are hosting a Roast Beef Supper ($10) on the 25th from 5-7. (Trinity is the little white church on the left as you head down the hill into Meredith on route 25.) It might be fun to support our neighbor and see how they do their suppers! Let me know if you want to drive over together.

Readings for Sunday: Genesis 22:1-14, Psalm 13, Romans 6:12-23, Matthew 10:40-42

An invitation for reflection from poet Mary Oliver as we begin the summer season...


Oh do you have time
to linger
for just a little while

out of your busy and very important day
for the goldfinches
that have gathered
in a field of thistles for a musical battle,
to see who can sing the highest note,
or the lowest,
or even the most expressive of mirth,
or the most tender?
Their strong, blunt beaks
drink the air
as they strive
not for your sake
and not for mine
and not for the sake of winning
but for sheer delight and gratitude--

believe us, they say,
it is a serious thing just to be alive on this fresh morning
in this broken world.

I beg you,
do not walk by without pausing to attend
to this
rather ridiculous performance.
It could mean something.
It could mean everything.
It could be what Rilke meant, when he wrote:
You must change your life.

May you be blessed by the divine, transforming presence during the coming days of summer.
See you in church.

The Pentecost Gospel last Sunday in Italian, Spanish, German and French,
thanks to Peg, Val, Gabriele, and Lisa.
More Pentecost pix below!

Saint Andrew's-in-the-Valley
Thursday MEMO
June 16, 2011

The chicken goes on the grill at 5 PM today! I hope you're palling on joining us for supper at 6:00. Great barbecue menu with home made pies for dessert. And a glorious day. Some of you may even want to picnic outside, if the weather holds up, but tables are primarily set indoors. For the first time, we are also offering take-out meals as well, available from 5:30. Celebrate June! Celebrate Community! And remember...50% of procedes go to Community Outreach. Tickets $10. Children $2. (You didn't really want to cook at home tonight, did you?)

Services this Sunday, June 19th and Trinity Sunday, will be at 8 and 10, with with coffee hour following each and child care provided at the later service. We hope you'll join us for worship and fellowship.

Thank you to those of you who have already responded to the New Hampshire Bishop Discernment Survey, and my apologies for posting a faulty link last week. For the sake of clarity, I will send it out as a separate email. So far, five of us have responded electronically and the parish leadership has all committed to doing it. By the way, results are entirely confidential, but the clergy receive postings as to how many have responded. The Search Committee wants to hear from YOU and your opinions will help shape the qualities of our next bishop! Paper copies are available in the Parish Hall as well, but if you have email access, the marvels of computer technology make the tabulating instant. When you have responded, let me know and we will add your name to our posted list.

Our new chairs are coming! They're due to arrive in a week! We have earmarked the necessary funds (80 x $50) in our Building Fund, but, in light of the range of building projects ahead of us, the Vestry has decided to welcome contributions to the chair fund. Are you someone who would like to "sponsor" a chair? Or two? Are you someone who would like to contribute to the the project? Envelopes will be available at church. Alternatively, we will happily accept checks by mail with a notation of "Chair Fund." And be thinking about how we might bid farewell to our old metal clunkers!

Thank you to those of you who have already responded to the New Hampshire Bishop Discernment Survey, and my apologies for posting a faulty link last week. For the sake of clarity, I will send it out as a separate email. So far, five of us have responded electronically and the parish leadership has all committed to doing it. By the way, results are entirely confidential, but the clergy receive postings as to how many have responded. The Search Committee wants to hear from YOU and your opinions will help shape the qualities of our next bishop! Paper copies are available in the Parish Hall as well, but if you have email access, the marvels of computer technology make the tabulating instant. When you have responded, let me know and we will add your name to our posted list.

Readings for Sunday: Genesis 1:1-2:4, Psalm 8, 2 Corinthians 13:11-13, Matthew 28:16-20

Food for the journey as we approach Trinity Sunday
from Hildegard of Bingen, mystic, poet, composer, dramatist, doctor, scientist (1098-1179)

On the Trinity: "The Father is brightness and this brightness has a flashing forth and in this flashing forth is a fire and these three are one. The Creator is this living Light; the Son the Shining; the Spirit the One who streams through and ties together 'eternity' and 'equality' so that the Three are One. This is like tying a bundle together, for it would be no bundle if it weren't tied together. Everything would fall apart!"

See you in church!

An energetic Spirit of Pentecost continued in the Parish Hall following the liturgy last Sunday!

Don't miss our Memorial Garden as a place for quiet contemplation.

Saint Andrew's-in-the-Valley Thursday MEMO
June 9, 2011

This coming Sunday, June 12th, is the Day of Pentecost, a principal feast day of the church year. Join us for worship (services at 8 and 10 AM) as we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit and the birthday of the church. Remember to wear red in honor of the occasion!

A Pentecost special: Click here! for fashion tips for Sunday!

Remember... Friday, June 17th is the date for our Chicken Barbecue. This is the second in our 2011 FUN-Raising dinners; the time is 6 PM. Plan on picking up a flyer to post or use as an invitation. 50% of the proceeds will go to support the work of local and international organizations, extending our hearts and hands as the body of Christ in the world.

The Bishop Search Process is now underway. A dozen of us represented Saint Andrew's at the Convocation meeting and forum held here last Tuesday. Special thanks to those of you who contributed food and helped with set-up and hospitality. Now it's your turn! The Search Committee would like everyone in the diocese to respond to a questionnaire, the responses from which will guide the the shaping of our new Diocesan Profile and help the Search Committee as they begin the process of selecting candidates. Click here to respond to the confidential (anonymous) survey. Hard copies will be in the mail boxes of members who are not "on line," and additional paper copies are available at church as well. Surveys are due by July 2nd.
Readings for Sunday: Acts of the Apostles, 2:1-21, Psalm 104:25-35, 1 Corinthians 12:3b-13, John/Ioannes/Juan/Johannes/Jean/Giovanni 20:19-23

Food for thought and prayer for the Day of Pentecost from George Herbert (1595-1633)...
[While we associate the color red with this day, in the English tradition this feast day is also known as "Whitsunday," the "white" referring to the baptismal garments worn by those who are to be baptized on this day.]
[George Herbert was an important and exquisite poet and priest of post-Reformation Church of England, the period in which distinctively Anglican positions began to emerge in matters of spirituality and devotional practices, as well as theology and church order. Our hymnal includes five of his poems set to music, most of which are among our repertoire. ]

Listen sweet Dove unto my song,
And spread thy golden wings in me;

Hatching my tender heart so long,

Till it get wing and fly away with thee.

Where is that fire that once descended

On thy Apostles? thou didst then

Keep open house, richly attended,

Feasting all comers by twelve chosen men.

Such glorious gifts thou didst bestow,

That th' earth did like a heav'n appear;

The stars were coming down to know
If they might mend their wages, and serve here.

The sun, which once did shine alone,
Hung down his head, and wisht for night,

When he beheld twelve suns* for one

Going about the world, and giving light.

But since those pipes of gold**, which brought

That cordial water to our ground,

Were cut and martyred by the fault
Of those, who did themselves through their side wound,

Thou shutt'st the door, and keep'st within;

Scarce a good joy creeps through the chink:

And if the braves*** of conqu'ring sin

Did not excite thee, we should wholly sink.

Lord, though we change, thou art the same;

The same sweet God of love and light:

Restore this day, for thy great name

Unto his ancient and miraculous right.

* The 12 Apostles
* The apostles as channels of grace.
** Challenges, threats.

May the Holy Spirit empower us all for the gifts of ministry!


Saint Andrew's-in-the-Valley Thursday MEMO
Ascension Day
June 2, 2011

Since June 5th will be the first Sunday of the month and the Sunday after the Ascension, we will have ONE service only this Sunday, at 9 AM. We hope you will join us for worship and fellowship on this next-to-last Sunday of the Easter season. The coffee hour will be hosted by the Vestry.

The June issue of The Mountain Top is now in your parish mail box (for those of you who are in town) and has been sent out via US mail to those of you who are elsewhere. It will also be posted on our parish web site this weekend. The advantage of looking at the website version is that you get the pictures in col0r! Please do take the time to read it, as it contains some important information about my upcoming sabbatical refresher leave.

This coming Tuesday, June 7th, the monthly meeting of the Lakes Region Convocation will be held at Saint Andrew's from 7 to 9 PM. The focus of the gathering will be an open forum led by members of the Diocesan Bishop Search Committee. The Search Committee is assembling information for the creation of a new diocesan profile. This will be an opportunity to ask questions and share your insights -- and a wonderful opportunity to be in on the ground floor of the Episcopal Church's participatory democracy. The gathering is open to all (not just our elected delegates to Convocation). Come and experience our wider church. Refreshments will be served from 6:30.

The Women's Lunch Bunch Group will meet on Wednesday, June 8th, at noon at the Mountain View Depot Restaurant in Center Ossipee. All women are welcome.

REMINDER: Next Sunday, June 12th, is the Feast of Pentecost, the day when we celebrate the descent of the Holy Spirit in "tongues of fire" on the gathered disciples. The color for that day is RED, symbolic of the power of the Holy Spirit. So...pull out your red duds and be prepared for June 12th!

Heads up! Our Chicken Barbecue is coming up -- Friday, June 17th, at 6 PM. Check the sign-up list in the Parish Hall for ways that you can help -- including the distribution of flyers to be posted on area bulletin boards. Flyers will be available on Sunday.

Readings for Sunday: Acts 1: 6-14, Psalm 68:1-10, 33-36, 1 Peter 4:12-14; 5:6-11, John 17:1-11

Food for thought and prayer for Ascension Day (and the days following), from the Orthodox tradition...
[Ascension Day is considered a Major Feast Day of the Church year and is celebrated on the Thursday following the Sixth Sunday of Easter, with the following Sunday often referred to as the Sunday after the Ascension.]

The Lord ascended into heaven so that he could send the Comforter into this world. the heavens prepared his throne, and the angels marveled at the sight of a human being more exalted and more glorious than themselves. Today the Father receives again in his bosom the One who was in him from all eternity, and the Holy Spirit gives a command to all the angels: 'Lift up your gates, O you princes.' -- O you nations of the earth, clap your hands, for Christ has gone up to the place where he had been from all eternity.

O Christ, you ascended in glory on the Mount of Olives in the presence of your disciples. O you who penetrate all things with your divinity, you were enthroned at the right hand of your Father and sent down upon your disciples the Holy Spirit who enlightens, strengthens, and saves, our souls.

Continued blessings in this Holy Season!