June 18, 2015

"Connor's Cros"
 There will be two services of Holy Eucharist this coming Sunday, June 21st and Fathers’ Day. The first will be at 8:00 at the church, as usual. The later service will be held at 10:30 at the pavilion at White Lake State Park, about 10 minutes north of the church. We hope you will join us for worship and fellowship. (Details below.)
Saint Andrew’s offers a weekly service on Morning Prayer at 9:00 on Wednesday mornings in the church, to which you are always welcome.
The readings for this coming Sunday are selected from those specified for the Care of God’s Creation and for the Rogation Days devoted to fruitful seasons: Ezekiel 47:6-12, Psalm 104, Romans 8: 22-27, and Matthew 6:25-33
 THIS IS ALL-PARISH PICNIC SUNDAY –– Our Third Annual, at White Lake State Park!!! The liturgy will begin AT 10:30, followed by the picnic. Our event will be held rain or shine since the pavilion is under cover. This has proved to be a fun community event, so feel free to invite friends and family members who might not regularly join you for church. You are free to stay and enjoy the park until park closing time.
When you come through the “check-in gate” just tell them you are there for Saint Andrew’s Picnic, then proceed to the pavilion. Set-up will be taking place from 9:00 on, so feel free to come early to drop off your food and get settled. The site is wheelchair accessible, including the bathrooms. Burgers, hotdogs, buns, and beverages will be provided, but you are invited to bring  something for the food table: chips, salads, or dessert. The swimming at White Lake is excellent and good for children as well as adults; the water warms up early. Bring your kayak if you want to enjoy the whole late.
The official amount that the church will pay for pavilion use is $5 per person, BUT WE DO NOT CHARGE FOR THE EVENT. If you want to come, come! If you would like to help subsidize the cost to the church, we welcome your contribution, large or small. (Checks can be made out to St. Andrew’s with a memo: for parish picnic.)
What to bring:
A food table contribution of chips, salad, or dessert
Informal clothing suitable to the weather, including an extra layer in case it gets chilly
A comfortable portable chair (The pavilion has only backless picnic tables.)
Swim suit and towel (if you want).
Kayak or swim toys
What not to bring:
Pets, with the exception of licensed service animals.
Directions from the south: The White Lake State Park entrance is on the left about a three-minute drive north from the West Ossipee intersection of Route 25 W and Rte 16. (Think McDonald’s, then head north toward Conway.)
Directions from the north: It is on the right about 3.5 miles south from Chocorua Village.
It’s Berry Season! As the fruits of the good earth begin to ripen, please consider picking or purchases extra for jams and jellies to be made for selling at the Sandwich Fair. Berries, for example, freeze easily and effectively if you don't want to process jams right away. Or let Carol, our chief jam-maker, know and she'd be happy to accept your frozen berries and will transform them into spreadable, salable form!
The FUN-Raising Committee is pleased to announce that our Annual Lobster and Steak Dinner will be held on Friday, August 7th. Advance ticket sales will be required and publicity materials will be out soon. Meanwhile, please mark your calendar and set that evening aside for fabulous, traditional New England Clambake fare (or a grilled steak), and invite your friends and family. As always, we need and appreciate your help getting the word out.
Food for thought from all of us…
Last Sunday, in response to the Gospel (Mark 4:26-34), we reflected together on what we thought Jesus might be pointing to in these two brief parables about the Kingdom of God, remembering that Mark’s Gospel begins with Jesus proclaiming that “The Kingdom of God has come near.”  It has not yet arrived in its fullness, but it is happening. So…what are some of the qualities of this Kingdom, that we might be missing? What indications might invite us to look and see more deeply, so that we could participate and encourage others?
As far as I know, no one either took notes or audio taped it but some memorable responses follow… If you have additions, please email me.

It (the Kingdom of God) is a mystery. Our job isn’t to figure it out; it’s to follow Jesus.
We find it in the ordinary aspects of life (in sleeping and rising, night and day, day after day).
The end results are nourishing; they feed us.
Something is going on below the ground that we can’t necessarily see.
Even the underground aspects may influence each other.
We have to be patient. It won’t happen overnight.
There are stages to it, and we all know not every grain germinates and bears fruit. That’s just the nature of things.
The Kingdom of God may come from an unlikely source. (Mustard was an aggressive weed – an invasive species – illegal to plant within the village limits!)
Not everyone will be pleased with it (especially those in positions of power and privilege).
It may not be beautiful, but it provides safety and shelter and companionship.
It’s available to everyone.
We have a part in it, but it doesn’t come to fruition by our efforts alone, no matter how worthy they might be.
There are always more seeds that can be planted!

Where are you seeing glimpses of the Kingdom of God?
Where is God at work in your neighborhood or town?
Talk about it! Don’t keep it a secret!

See you in church and at the picnic!
Blessings, Heidi+