September 3, 2015

Three orders of ministry represented at the altar
There will be only ONE service this coming Sunday, September 6th and the 15th Sunday after Pentecost – at 9 AM with coffee hour hosted by the choir, following the service. Please join us for worship and fellowship.
Readings: Proverbs 22:1-2, 8-9, 22-23, Psalm 125, James 2:1-17, Mark 7:24-37.
The Church World Service CROP Walk has been a regular part of our summers for quite a few years. This year, in response to the realities of summer heat for this 6 mile walk, the organizers have scheduled the actually walk for Sunday, October 25th.  Please support walkers who are looking for sponsors during Coffee Hour and consider walking yourself. (Sponsor forms will be available Sunday.) At least half of the money raised by the CROP Walk comes back to our Community Food Pantry and our Dinner Bell Program. The balance goes to overseas development work. Gretchen Behr-Svendsen is our contact person.
Women’s Lunch Bunch will meet this coming Wednesday, September 9, at noon at the Mountain View Station Restaurant in Center Ossipee. All women are welcome. Come once in a while or come often … for good conversation and the company of women. Questions? Call Dale Appleton at 539-3761.
Our Annual Harvesting Party is now scheduled for Saturday, September 19, beginning at 9 AM and you are warmly invited! This is the event at which we harvest the gourds and squashes that Gretchen planted in May, wash them down, and prep them for sale at our booth at the Sandwich Fair. We will gather at Gretchen’s house in Tamworth Village (directions to follow) at 9AM to receive our “marching orders,” and will then proceed to the field. While the harvesting requires a comfortably agile body, we field workers will happily deliver the produce to the more sedentary team of washers. So there’s something for everyone to do. Children are welcome. At midday we’ll return to the house and share a potluck lunch together.


Sandwich Fair preparations are underway for October 10, 11, 12. We will be vending jellies, jams, baked goods, and crafts crated by all who are willing and able to be involved! Contact: Carol Tubman or Chris Mills for project ideas and specifics
Calling all bakers!!! It’s Sandwich Fair prep time! Apple and/or pumpkin whoopee pies have become one of our now signature offerings!  Small loaves of seasonally appropriate sweet breads such as pumpkin, apple, apple spice, and zucchini are also top sellers! If you’re willing to help with some baking, please call Chris Mills at 603-452-4049 or email at She has a standard recipes to share for the whoopee pies and I will provide more details to anyone who calls or emails. Make some now and freeze them, or commit now to baking later and have us count on you! Thanks. 
Saint Andrew’s reaching out to the world: Some images from the memorial service for Tamworth resident Susan Chiairadona, held last Saturday on our lawn

Contacting Elizabeth Wiesner. Elizabeth has recently moved to a new facility and expects to be there until about September. She is no longer at Frisbie Hospital. She is at Epsom Manor in Epsom, New Hampshire. Please call her cell phone before embarking on a visit. She is so appreciative of the cards, prayers and messages from the parish.
ALL CHURCH FREEZER USERS: HEADS UP! If you have an occasion to use the freezer in the back hall – for communion bread, Dinner Bell, or retrieving coffee hour goodies – PLEASE, please, please make sure the door is firmly closed and LOCKED with the key that hangs on the adjacent door frame (and then return the key to it’s place). This week the door was accidentally left slightly ajar. Fortunately, it was noticed before anything warmed above 40 degrees, but ALL the several gallons of ice cream were lost, and meats had to be dispensed for immediate use.
FYI: The purpose of the key is to assure that the door stays closed, to see to it that you use it.
Flowers given in loving memory of Charlie Starr by Dale Appleton.
Ponderings from the Rector…
As we return from the vacation spirit of summer I have been thinking and praying about how we as a parish engage in Christian spiritual formation. Please note, I’m not saying “How is our Sunday School going?” I am, however, deeply concerned that we have not done will at engaging many in our parish in explorations that will deepen our formation and faith and lead to real transformation. We are certainly formed by faithfulness in worship, but some intentional learning, a basic knowledge and facility with the Bible, and a familiarity with our Anglican tradition and how it supports our engagement in the wider world, as well as our faith and relationship with Christ, are significantly important for the vitality of Christian life for people of ALL ages.
We adults have a profound responsibility, not only to ourselves and to each other, but especially to the young people in our parish. I know it is easy to assume that the rector and the parents “will take care of that,” but it truly requires all of us to support them in their acquisition of a lively and vital faith. I’ve come to suspect that the general reluctance of adults to be willing to step forward in this venture may well have to do with the realization that many of you feel pretty insecure in much of your own formation. If that speaks to you, maybe it’s time to respond.
Not to be gloomy or alarmist, but if we are unable to pass on a lively and intentional faith to others, the church will not be around, and the profound, life-saving, life-transforming gifts of life in Christ will unknown.
I would like us to begin to tackle this situation together over the coming weeks. What is it that you personally need to take your next step? What do you think others need? Where have you been disappointed in the past? What to you long for? Do you have thoughts about how we structure our learning? How might we, in the midst of our busy lives, give the Christian formation of ourselves and others the priority it deserves, recognizing that this is not medicine to be taken, but ultimately a great life-changing gift that is ours to receive?
So, I invite you to prayer and contemplation. God is with us in this and the Holy Spirit will guide us, but we have to be open to its inklings and whisperings. And if you’d like to share your thoughts with me – by phone, email, or in person – please do. I look forward to our pilgrimage together!
See you in church,
Blessings, Heidi+