May 19, 2016

Thursday MEMO

Don’t miss the picture gallery from Pentecost and Confirmation
at the end of this post.

Services for this coming Sunday, Trinity Sunday and May 22, will be at 8 and 10 AM. We hope you will be with us for worship and as we thank Janet Palmer for her many years as our child care provider and honor her at coffee hour.

Readings for Sunday: Proverbs 8:1-4, 22-31; Psalm 8; Romans 5:1-5; John 16:12-15

Our Presiding Bishop, the Most Rev. Michael Curry, is coming to New Hampshire on Monday, June 6th!!! Lay leaders of the Episcopal Church are invited to join a Conversation him and his Canon for Ministry, the Rev. Michael B. Hunn. This event will be held at St. Paul's Church in Concord on Monday, June 6, 2016, from 10 am - 12 noon. Register HERE.  A number of Saint Andrew’s folks will be attending, so carpooling is encouraged. This is a rare opportunity, and you will not be disappointed! Bishop Curry is wonderfully inspiring, dynamic speaker and preacher.

The Holy Spirit was abundantly present for our joyous Confirmation, Reception, and the Bishop’s visit on Tuesday evening! Ann Albrecht, Aislinn Hird, and Sarah Huckman were confirmed with the laying-on of hands, and Pat Adams and Audrey Berry were welcomed into this communion. Much generous behind-the-scenes work deserves recognition: Joan Wright and Lisa Thompson (Altar Guild), David Manley and Pat Adams (reception set-up), Jen and others (cleanup), Val May (harpist and soloist), the families of our younger confirmands, whose busy lives took sometimes heroic acts of schedule coordination so that Sarah and Aislinn could meet for confirmation classes, our Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Robert Hirschfeld for making time for this special visit, and, of course, the warm whispers and wild winds of the Holy Spirit who so decisively moved in the hearts and minds of Pat and Audrey, Sarah, Aislinn, and Ann, calling them to renew their baptismal vows make new mature commitments to Christ!

It is the custom at the time of the Bishop’s visit that the collection be directed toward the Bishop’s Discretionary Fund. If you would like to make a contribution (whether or not you were present Tuesday’s Confirmation service), checks can be made out to Saint Andrew’s-in-the-Valley with a memo line to Bishop’s Discretionary Fund; envelopes for cash contributions are also available on the bulletin tables. A significant portion of the fund will go towards the strengthening of ministry with and to the young people of New Hampshire. Consider a gift in thanksgiving for the vitality of the young people in our parish!

And speaking of the work of the Holy Spirit…Don’t miss the posts from Sammie Wakefield on the Parish bulletin board keeping us up-to-date with the work of Eleanore’s Project in Peru. And please keep the team, the families, and the children with whom they are working in your prayers. Click here for pictures and details.

Food for thought as we all strive to heed the Holy Spirit’s call to interact with our neighbors with compassion, avoiding the pull to respond with aggression or anger, instead seeking a point of view that changes the conversation…
This offering is from The Wisdom of the Desert Fathers and Mothers, early Christian hermits, ascetics, and monks who lived mainly in the desert of Egypt beginning around the third century.

A desert elder set off for the nearest village to sell his baskets. On the road that he was going down, the devil found him and, out of the intense malice he had toward the elder, snatched the baskets from his hands and disappeared. The elder, without being at all upset, raised his eyes to heaven and said, "I thank you, my God, that you have relieved me of my burden and the trouble of going down to the village." Then the devil, not suffering the calmness of the hermit, threw the baskets in his face, shouting: "Take them back, old man." The monk gathered them up again and continued on his way to the village.

Blessings, Heidi+  

Picture Gallery for Pentecost Sunday and Confirmation

John 20: 19-23  in English (Marty)

in Italian (Peg)

in German (Francesca)

in French (Lisa)

in Latin

Altar flowers given in thanksgiving by Elizabeth Wiesner
Thank you, Randy!
This year we inflated our own balloons!

The Bishop's Visit

The choir. Photo courtesy of Preston.


The Procession

Ann and Pat

Do you renew your commitment to Jesus Christ?

Strengthen her, O Lord, and empower her for your service...

We receive you into the fellowship of this Communion...
Send them forth in the power of the Spirit!

Three Spirit-filled long-time Tamworthians with their Bishop
Party Time

The Cannon-Huckman clan!