March 7, 2019


THIS SUNDAY, March 10th, The 1st Sunday of Lent,  there will be two services at 8 and 10 am.

Following the 10:00 a.m. service on Sunday join us for:

Is Solar Energy in St. Andrew's Future?  An innovative partnership between the NH Diocese and Revision Energy, NE’s largest solar installer, would make it possible for St. Andrew's to install solar panels with no upfront costs, produce electricity at lower than current rates from day one, and potentially pay for itself over time with the savings accrued.  Too good to be true?  Come find out!  Doug Smithwood and Susan Fuller from Solar Saints, All Saints Church, Wolfeboro  will be with us on March 10 following 10:00 worship to outline St. Andrew's potential for solar energy. (Hint:  it's a win-win for St. Andrew's and the earth)

Tuesdays at 5:30 p.m.

Wednesday mornings at 9:00 a.m.


Winter Weather Advisory!!!  
Winter Weather Advisory!!!  If the weather is questionable on a Sunday morning please call the church before you leave home to check for schedule changes. If a storm comes in on Saturday evening or Sunday, I will make a judgment by 7:00 AM about whether to hold or cancel services. Cancellations will posted on WMUR 9 and the  church phone message will also reflect any cancellations. PLEASE do not travel if it feels unsafe to you. Enjoy a Sabbath morning at home and remember St. Andrew’s in your prayers.

Sunday, March 10th

1st Sunday in Lent
Year C

Deuteronomy 26:1-11
Psalm 91:1-2, 9-16
Romans 10:8b-13
Luke 4:1-13


Thank you to everyone who participated in our Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper and Ash Wednesday services! Special thanks to George Rau and the Scouts for organizing, cooking and cleaning up for the pancake supper, and to Val for providing beautiful harp accompaniment at our 7:00 pm Ash Wednesday service.  Lent is off to an inspiring start!

The invitation to a holy Lent from the Ash Wednesday service offers us a guide for deepening our relationship with God: self-examination and repentance, prayer, fasting and self-denial, and reading and meditating on God’s holy Word.  Resources for each of these areas are available in the Parish Hall. For self-examination and repentance, there are instructions for the ancient practice of the Examen (examination) of Conscience. For fasting there are guidelines for a variety of ways to fast, and for reading and meditating on God’s holy Word there is a list of appointed readings and collects for each weekday of Lent. Please take any of these that interest you.

And it is not too late to join our Lenten study group, the Poetry of Lent: A Companion to Mary Oliver’s Devotions. Our first meeting is on Wednesday, March 13 at 5:30 and will begin with a simple supper of soup and salad. If you plan to attend please let me know via email at or by signing up in the Parish Hall. There is also a sign-up sheet for bringing soup, salad or bread.

May this Lent be a time of exploring spiritual practices and enriching your journey with Christ. 


Lenten Resources and Lay Lent Quiet Day with the Bishop:
Please visit our website for a variety of resources for your use during Lent. These can be found on our Lent Resources webpage: HERE.  

As part of our Lenten observances, the Bishop will lead a Lay Lent Quiet Day on Saturday, March 23 at Christ Church in Exeter. The Quiet Day is specifically intended for all lay members of your congregation. Please make all members of your congregation aware of this wonderful spiritual opportunity and encourage them to attend. Learn more HERE: 

All are Invited to Spring Renewal: Spring Renewal is happening May 11th at Manchester Community College. We're excited to be offering this festive day full of spiritual renewal and ministry development workshops, worship, and activities to inspire us in the Way of Love. We hope lay and clergy will take advantage of this wonderful offering. Share information about this exciting day of community and learning with your congregation. Details and registration can be found HERE.

Lent Madness 2019 The Tenth Annual Saintly Smackdown!
With its unique blend of competition, learning, and humor, Lent Madness allows participants to be inspired by the ways in which God has worked through the lives of saintly souls across generations and cultures. Throughout Lent, thirty-two saints will do battle to win the coveted Golden Halo. Based loosely on the NCAA basketball tournament of a similar name, this online devotion pits saints against one another in a bracket as voters choose their favorites throughout this penitential season.
Here’s how to participate: on the weekdays of Lent, information is posted at about two different saints. Each pairing remains open for 24 hours as participants read about and then vote to determine which saint moves on to the next round. Sixteen saints make it to the Round of the Saintly Sixteen; eight advance to the Round of the Elate Eight; four make it to the Faithful Four; two to the Championship; and the winner is awarded the coveted Golden Halo. Click on the link above to sign up for a daily email with information about each saint. And check the door by the kitchen for the full sized poster.


Dinner Bell cook teams for March are:

24th- Tubman & Preston
for the following dates:

May 5
May 26
June 2
June 9
June 23
Thank you for your volunteer
work in this special Outreach program!


Here is a wonderful and thoughtful reflection on Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent from the creators of Lent Madness, the Rev. Tim Schenk and the Rev. Scott Gunn:

Dear friends in Christ,
On this one day a year, even Lent Madness pauses to reflect on our life, our blessings, and our mortality. The entire season of Lent is an invitation to recommit to following Jesus. This day, Ash Wednesday, is a poignant reminder that life is short. We are meant to savor our earthly life and to live it well.
At the end of life, few people regret not having worked more, nor do they wish they had spent more money on stuff. In fact, end of life regrets usually revolve around love. “I wish I had spent more time with my family. I wish I had forgiven the person who wronged me. I wish I had been a more faithful Christian.”
Ash Wednesday: When we kneel before the altar and hear the words, “Remember you are dust, and to dust you shall return,” we are reminded that we are mortal. We should not delay our decision to repent, to live more fully, to follow Jesus more faithfully.
Aside from the ridiculous competition and constant silliness of Lent Madness, we hope everyone who takes part will notice something about each of the saints. Every single one of the saints was a flawed human. You might be used to seeing them in stained glass or in marble, but they were living, breathing, messed up people not so different from us. And yet, each one of these saints managed to allow God’s grace to work in them such that Christ’s light shone brightly in their lives. They were witnesses to the world of the transforming love of Jesus Christ.

Over the course of this year’s Lent Madness, you will meet 32 new saintly companions. Perhaps they will inspire you to follow Jesus in new ways, so that you can be a witness of the Good News of God in Christ. Perhaps you will invite the saints to pray for you, for they are also companions with us in our earthly pilgrimage. You see, beneath the silliness of the saintly smackdown, there lies a brighter, deeper truth in God’s grace at work in the world.
This Lenten season, we invite you to draw closer to our Lord Jesus. Give up those things which keep you away from Jesus. Take on those things that bring you closer to Jesus. We hope Lent Madness is helpful on your journey.
We wish you every blessing in this Lenten season.
Tim+ Scott+
On Thursday March 14th from 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm, the Kingswood Regional Middle School in Wolfeboro, NH will be presenting its next concert, “Arts Knight”, in recognition of Arts and Music Month.
This will be a full evening of student musical ensemble performances and art exhibits.  Art work will be displayed throughout the lobby and hallway of the Kingswood Art Center, while the musical ensembles will be performing in the auditorium.
Students in grades 9-12 will also be participating in this event.
It is widely documented that art and music education have the ability to develop self-esteem, cooperation with peers, and appreciation of the work of others and a sense of pride.

Please come out and support these kids and the community’s arts and music program;  you may even see a St. Andrew’s kid or two!

The Food Pantry thanks you for your contributions throughout the year.
The monthly item for March is 
 will receive proceeds from the 
Fight Hunger bag during the month of March

at the Hannaford  store located at: 891 NH-16, Ossipee NH


THURSDAY March 7, 2019
Psalm 37:1, 3 Do not fret yourself because of evildoers; do not be jealous of those who do wrong. Put your trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and feed on its riches.
Most days I haven’t been out of bed very long before I catch sight of a headline on my phone or the front page of the newspaper and plunge headlong into fretting because of evildoers. This seems a particularly dark time in our country.

Surely, we aren’t supposed to let evil have its way while we sit back and wait for God to make the bad guys “wither like the grass.”

The psalmist’s advice is quite clear: Trust in the Lord. God is in charge of the endgame. Do good, boldly resist evil, and work for justice, mercy, and peace. We are reassured that “there is a future for the peaceable,” and “the future of the wicked is cut off.”

Trust. Do good. Don’t fret.
MOVING FORWARD: What concrete action can you take to keep yourself from fretting?

I have almost completed working on a new Parish Directory . Please submit your changes or if you have an updated picture you would like to use by next Tuesday, March 12th.  


If you do not see your birthday or anniversary listed, please make sure Deb in the office has an information sheet on file for you.

10     Susan Ines
13     Trudy Thompson
16     Caroline Hines
20     Albert Bunker
21     Chris Boldt
30     Kaitlyn Marshall, Barbara Lord
31     Claudia Kennedy