November 21, 2019

Bishop's Visit this Sunday

JOIN US FOR WORSHIP                
THIS SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 24th,  The Last Sunday after Pentecost there will be ONE Service at 9am with the Bishop's Visit and Confirmation.

Join us at 9:00 this Sunday for Bishop Hirschfeld’s visit to St. Andrew’s. The 9:00 service will be followed by a special coffee hour celebrating Bishop Rob’s visit with us, Chris Mills and Preston Mills’ Confirmation, and John and Joan Marshall’s reaffirmation of their marriage vows as they celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary. After everyone has gotten refreshments and found a seat, Bishop Rob will offer his thoughts on some new initiatives in the Diocese and take questions on any topic.

Tuesdays at 5:30 p.m.

Wednesday mornings at 9:00 a.m.
READINGS FOR SUNDAY                
Sunday, November 24th
Last Sunday after Pentecost
Year C
Deuteronomy 30:11-14
Psalm 19:1-6
Romans 10:8b-18
Matthew 4:18-22

1st Reading: Sally DeGroot
2nd Reading: Cathie Lewis

Click below to see the readings: 

Advent Book Study Begins in Two Weeks!
To help us prepare for Christmas this year we will have a book study using Light of the World: A Beginner’s Guide to Advent. The description of this book on says, “In Light of the World: A Beginner’s Guide to Advent, author, professor, and biblical scholar Amy-Jill Levine explores the biblical texts surrounding the story of the birth of Jesus. Join her as she traces the Christmas narrative through the stories of Zechariah and Elizabeth, Mary, the journey to Bethlehem, and the visit from the Magi. These stories open conversations around connections of the Gospel stories to the Old Testament, the role of women in first-century Jewish culture, the importance of Mary’s visitation and the revolutionary implications of Mary’s Magnificat, the census and the stable, and the star of Bethlehem and the flight to Egypt. The book provides a rich and challenging learning experience for small groups and individual readers alike.”

This will be a four-week study that will begin on Wednesday, November 20, skip November 27 (the day before Thanksgiving), and then meet on December 4, 11 and 18. We will meet either at noon or at 5:30 pm on those Wednesdays, based on your input. Either time will begin with a simple soup meal. If you are interesting in joining us for this study, please let me know your preference for the meeting time by emailing me at no later than next Tuesday, November 12.

Advent Quiet Day
Saturday, December 7, 2019
9:45 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Keep awake therefore, for you do not know on what day your Lord is coming.
In the Gospel Reading for the First Sunday in Advent, the writer of Matthew’s Gospel invites us to Keep Awake! For we do not know on what day the Lord is coming. As 21st century Christians what does it mean for us to keep awake? With the pace of life, the needs of family, friends, co-workers and fellow community members, what are the ways we can stay present to where God is in our lives.

Please join us for a time of contemplation, conversation, and reflection on how the stories of Advent can help us know what it means to keep awake. We will spend time with the stories of Mary and Joseph and consider how their witness might inform our lives of faith.

Advent Book Group gets and started.
Once again, I find The Salt Project’s weekly email full of good fodder for thought and reflection. They recently published what they called A Brief Theology of Thanksgiving, which, in fact, isn’t all that brief… But if you’d like to read it all the link is
The following section particularly struck me:

III. The Difference Gratitude Makes
“There is perhaps no better day than Thanksgiving to reflect on the astounding power of gratitude itself - and accordingly, to commit ourselves to cultivating it more intentionally in the coming year.  

If we think of “gratitude” primarily as a kind of duty to discharge (Now remember to write that thank-you note!), we’re missing the boat entirely, effectively reducing one of life’s wonders to mere good manners.  On the contrary, gratitude is a vital force in the world, a profoundly dignifying act that builds relationships, communities, and healthy human hearts.

The science on this subject is overwhelming: in study after study, gratitude has been shown to lead to stronger relationships, better sleep, lower blood pressure, fewer trips to the doctor, fewer depressive symptoms, more patience, and more perseverance, among other benefits (check out these study summaries here and here).  In one particularly intriguing study, gratitude turns out to be a powerful antidote to the “Headwinds/Tailwinds Asymmetry,” our all-too-common tendency to focus on the obstacles in our lives (headwinds) and overlook blessings (tailwinds), an imbalance that over time leads to feeling aggrieved and resentful.  In short, focusing on headwinds breeds bitterness; focusing on tailwinds breeds appreciation - and the act of thanksgiving helps call our attention to the winds at our backs.”
From the SALT Project

Happy Thanksgiving! And as the SALT team says, “let this year’s Thanksgiving be not just a day of gratitude, but a springboard into a new life of gratitude…”


 Friday November 22nd

Dinner will begin at 6 PM  followed by the Pie Auction at 7 held by the entertaining & charming Christopher Boldt.  Tickets are $15 with a simple supper. Children under 12  are just $5. BYOB beer or wine.  Please tell your friends and acquaintances as this is an entertaining evening and a great place to pick up the following Thursday's Thanksgiving dinner's dessert.  
A Call out to all PIE BAKERS and help with clean up.

Lists are posted in the parish hall.
Please contact Carol Tubman
December 4th Women's Lunch Bunch
will be hosted by Sally DeGroot.
Contact Dale Appleton with questions.


Flower Arranging.  Gretchen’s friend, Lorna will be here later this month and is willing to teach another Flower arranging class if anyone is interested.  This is a Japanese style of arranging and there will be a small fee to cover the cost of the flowers.  Please contact Gretchen (323-7459) if you are interested so a date and time can be set.

Wreaths.  Gretchen will be picking up the wreaths for the church Saturday, November 30th.  If you would like a locally made, undecorated, wreath from Spider Web Gardens she is willing to pick them up for you–they are $18.  Please call her at 323-7459 by Monday, Nov. 25th.

Thank you for your continued 
support of St. Andrew's

Thank you to Sammie Wakefield
for her construction of the grapevine 
and Barbara Lord for her 
creative leaves.

The World I Live In

I have refused to live
locked in the orderly house of
     reasons and proofs.
The world I live in and believe in
is wider than that. And anyway,
     what’s wrong with Maybe?
You wouldn’t believe what once or
twice I have seen. I’ll just
     tell you this:
only if there are angels in your head will you
     ever, possibly, see one.

~ Mary Oliver
 If you are up for Safe Church Renewal
you must do your renewal modules on Armatus
then sign up for one of the following meetings online.

Safe Church Zoom Call
If you have questions, please contact Safe Church Minister, Marty Cloran.

Come join us! Knitting skills not required.
1st and 3rd Wednesday morning at 10:15 a.m.

If you knit or crochet (or would like to learn how to) and are led to engaging in an outreach mission that provides physical and spiritual comfort to those in need, please join us on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month at 10:15 AM in the Prince Room. We are a joyous group that will keep you in stitches! The coffee and tea will be on and new members are always welcome. If you have any questions, please call Lin Frank at 323-0402.



for November are:

Thank you for your volunteer
work in this special Outreach program!

The Parish office has new office hours:
Tuesday                                       9am-12pm
Wednesday and Thursday           1pm - 5pm
Monday and Friday                      Closed

If you do not see your birthday or anniversary listed, please make sure Deb in the office has an information sheet on file for you.
9    Alys Walker
10  George Rau, Bruce Foreman

22  Antonio & Betty Faella
25  John & Joan Marshall