March 4, 2010

A few reminders  for the coming week.

This coming Sunday we will have ONE service only at 9:00. The Altar Guild will be hosting the Coffee Hour.

Weather permitting (we were snowed out two weeks ago) both sessions of our Lenten series Holy Living Approaches to Prayer, will be starting up this week.
One group will meet on Tuesday at 5:00 pm. At least this time around it will NOT be followed by a meal.
The other group will meet on Wednesday morning at 10:00 and will be followed by eucharist at 11:30 and a brown bag lunch.

Vestry will meet on Thursday at 7:00. It will be preceded by a Roundtable eucharist at 6:00 and a brown bag supper at 6:30. 

Stamp collecting mystery solved; an hour of volunteer help needed. From time to time during my first several years at St. Andrew's a plastic bag full of cancelled postage stamps still attached to the envelope would appear on my office door knob, apparently the result of a one-time mission project that involved collecting stamps and sending them somewhere for some worthy use. No one seemed to be able to tell me the details of the project which had been the work of some former member here. But the stamps continued to appear from time to time. As a former stamp collector myself, I didn't have it in me to just recycle them, so the collection grew in the corner of my office! 
    I have no idea if this is the same  venture, but I recently discovered that the Christian Medical College and Hospital in Vellore, South India happily make use of such stamps. Patients in their rehabilitation hospital process the stamps and then sell them to collectors, benefitting both the hospital and the rehab patients. 
    So...I'm looking for someone with a bit of time on his or her hands willing to go through the stamps and trim them to 1/4 inch of paper border. A job for someone who watches TV perhaps? Once they are trimmed, we can consolidate them into a shoebox or two and ship them off to South India. Give the office a call if you'd be willing to help.

Looking ahead to March 14th... Daylight Savings Time begins, so mark your calendars to set your clocks ahead one hour (spring forward) in a week.

And to March 19th at 6:00 for our St. Patrick's Day dinner.

Food for Thought 
from contemporary priest and writer Barbara Crafton:

"Prayer changes the world... bit by bit: It is the creative energy of God passing through our minds and hearts into life here on the earth where we live."

See you in church,