"Like the stillness in the wind before the hurricane begins...."

Saint Andrew's-in-the-Valley
Thursday MEMO
for September 2, 2010

There will be ONE Service only at 9 AM this coming Sunday, September 5th. As this summer season draws to a close, please join us as "8 o'clockers" and "10 o'clockers" come together for worship and fellowship!

Your Stewardship Committee has been hard at work. Next Sunday, September 12th, we will be kicking off our Fall Pledge Campaign. I hope you will be with us then as well to hear this year's plans and to welcome our diocesan canon for Congregational Development, the Rev. Charles LaFond, who will join me at the altar and be our our guest preacher.
Charles, who is, among other things, a priest, a potter, and a former monk, brings a wealth of experience, stories, and perspectives on what makes for healthy parish life. He has been working with the vestry and the pledge campaign committee, knows us well, and appreciates our many strengths. We are fortunate that he is able to be with us next week! He will be at both the 8:00 and the 10:00 services.

Hurricane Earl is approaching. While it seems unlikely that we will feel much impact from the storm up here on Friday evening or in the early hours of Saturday, do keep those in coastal areas, as well as those of us with strong connections to coastal communities, family members, and especially ships at sea, in your prayers.

And one word of preparation: On the off chance that high winds should cause power outages here, check your supplies, and power up your cell phone. "Old style" telephones, with the receiver attached to the phone continue do function in most power outages, while modern, cordless phones do not. Good power-outage preparation suggests that all households have at least ONE corded phone that will work in those situations. If you have inadvertently gotten rid of yours and would like one in reserve, please let me know. We have two available spares, first come, first served!

Readings for Sunday: Jeremiah 18:1-11, Psalm 139:1-5, 13-18, Philemon 1-21, Luke 14:25-33

Food for thought: Take the time to listen to the stillness and to listen to the winds.

See you in church!