April 20, 2017

This Sunday, The 2nd Sunday of Easter, there will be two services at 8 & 10 a.m.
There is a service of Morning Prayer on Wednesday mornings at 9 a.m.

Acts 2:14a,22-32
Psalm 16
1 Peter 1:3-9
John 20:19-31

St.Andrew's Choir
See the wonderful picture gallery of Holy Week and Easter Sunday at the end of the Memo.
Courtesy of Photographers Rob Walty, Carolyn Boldt and Lisa Thompson

A  Huge Thank You!
I am grateful to so many people this Easter week. First of all to Deb, for all she did to produce the bulletins for Holy Week and Easter Day, while juggling all of her usual weekly tasks (not to mention doing the same thing for All Saints!). And to all of you who played a part in the Holy Week and Easter services, wow! The services were beautiful, from the music to the readings to the attention to hundreds of details. These services are all uniquely different, each telling a part of the story leading up to the Resurrection, and they were all moving and beautiful. At the risk of inadvertently leaving someone out, I want to thank:
-Sammie and members of the Altar Guild, for setting up for each service, for the hours of cleaning and polishing on Saturday morning, and for magically transforming the church from the bareness of the stripped altar to the glory of Easter.
-Gretchen, for taking care of getting the palms and Easter flowers, and all who donated them.
-Bunny and the Choir, for all the music, and especially the anthem on Easter morning.
-Val, for leading the music on Maundy Thursday and her beautiful harp accompaniment
-All the readers, who read with such expression and meaning; especially the dramatic readings of the Passion on Palm Sunday and Good Friday, and the readings during the stripping of the altar and at the Vigil.
-All the ushers, acolytes, lectors and Eucharistic ministers.
-Ellie and Nancy, for filling roles as Assisting Priests in all our liturgies.
-Betsy, for her beautiful rendition of the Exsultet (that took a LOT of practice!).
-Cathie, for organizing the Easter coffee hour, and to everyone who brought a delicious dish.
I am off this Sunday, April 23. Gretchen will lead Morning Prayer at 8:00 and Lisa and Cathie at 10:00.
Easter blessings and joy,

Thank you to the volunteers who accepted to fill in dates in April and May. Please get your selections to Carol Tubman as soon as possible so that we can get any other dates filled.

The Parish Survey is ready and your imput is important to the success of this survey.  All responses together will help create an accurate parish profile for our search process.  There will be opportunities to discuss the survey topics during our small group meetings.
Please complete the survey by May 1, 2017.
Prayer for St. Andrew’s during this phase of the search process.
Loving God, giver of all good gifts, grant to the Search Committee, and to the parish, wisdom and faith.  Be with us as we develop and create the Parish Profile. We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.
Search Committee: George Rau, Lisa Thompson, Cathie Lewis, Tom Huckman, Betsy Hess and Pat Adams.

For the month of April, the Hannaford Cause Bag program at the Hannaford store located at 891 NH 16, Ossipee, NH will be focused on the sale of the FIGHT HUNGER BAGS in support of THE COMMUNITY FOOD CENTER food pantry!!
Every day counts~ we hope you find the resources at http://newhannaford.bags4mycause.com/ helpful in your continued outreach.
And, don’t forget to share with everyone that the Fight Hunger bags with the message “This bag helped feed someone in need” can be found on the reusable bag rack at various registers.
The Food Pantry thanks you for your contributions throughout the year.
The monthly item for APRIL is laundry detergent.
We turn our backs on death and its legions. We turn our gaze instead toward resurrection and its infinite epiphanies. Death has been defeated, “swallowed up”! The Saints stand ready to greet us. They join the Lamb, the Spirit and the Bride saying, “Come”.
-Br. Mark Brown
Society of Saint John the Evangelist
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PHEW!  What a week for all. Thank you to the office angels, Cathie Lewis and David Manley for their help with pulling the bulletins together. It has been a week of picking up all the little things but with breathing space.

Quarterly Giving Statements
They are going out soon!
2        Ellen Keith
3        Christine Mills
8        Ann Albrecht
14      Audrey Berry
15      Elizabeth Pease
24      Dave Adams
26      Todd Horn
28      Peggy Cannon, June Young

8        Christine & Robert Mills
16      Peter & Trudy Thompson
19      Marty & Marilyn Cloran

David & Patricia Adams


Holy Week and Easter Sunday