April 27, 2017

-                  JOIN US FOR WORSHIP                -

This Sunday, The 3rd Sunday of Easter, there will be two services at 8 & 10 a.m.
There is a service of Morning Prayer on Wednesday mornings at 9 a.m.

-                 READINGS FOR SUNDAY               -

Acts 2:14a, 36-41
Psalm 116:1-3,10-17
1 Peter 1:17-23
Luke 24:13-35

-                         LAST SUNDAY                      -

It was an unexpected change of plans to not do Morning Prayer service as Caroline made herself available for discussion regarding the Pledge Statement emailing error. It was a lovely service guided by Caroline through the Hymns and Prayer Book.  She will be taking this Sunday off in lieu of last.
We thank Billie Bell for playing the organ in Bernice’s absence.

-            FROM THE INTERIM RECTOR           -

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Our Spring Clean Up Day is scheduled for Sunday, May 7. Wear your work clothes and bring your yard and garden tools! Rain date is May 21.

I am off this Sunday, April 30 (since I didn’t take last Sunday off). Gretchen will lead Morning Prayer at 8:00 and Lisa and Cathie at 10:00. Many thanks to all three of them!
Easter blessings and joy!

-                           YARD SALE                         -

Yard Sale at Saint Andrews Saturday May 27th 9am-2pm.
Our first annual Memorial Day weekend yard sale.  Buy a table for just $20. Interested please contact David Manley at 603-733-6961 and leave a message to reserve a table. 

-                          DINNER BELL                        -

Thank you to the volunteers who accepted to fill in dates in May. Please get your selections to Carol Tubman as soon as possible so that we can get any other dates filled.

-                   SEARCH COMMITTEE                  -
The Parish Survey is ready and your imput is important to the success of this survey.  All responses together will help create an accurate parish profile for our search process.  There will be opportunities to discuss the survey topics during our small group meetings.
Please complete the survey by May 1, 2017.
Prayer for St. Andrew’s during this phase of the search process.
Loving God, giver of all good gifts, grant to the Search Committee, and to the parish, wisdom and faith.  Be with us as we develop and create the Parish Profile. We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.
Search Committee: George Rau, Lisa Thompson, Cathie Lewis, Tom Huckman, Betsy Hess and Pat Adams.

-             COMMUNITY FOOD CENTER            -
The Food Pantry thanks you for your contributions throughout the year.
The monthly item for MAY is Deoderant for men and women.

-                  FOOD FOR THOUGHT                -

Surrender. The surrendering of our lives. Surrendering any notion that we “possess” our own lives. My life does not belong to me. That is how I would speak about having died with Christ and being raised with him.

-               FROM Deb IN THE OFFICE              -

1              John Marshall
7        Elaine South
11      Janet Palmer
13      Ruth Rich
15      Kitty Lou Booty, Betty Faella
17      Chuck DeGroot
18      Tim Huckman
20      Tom Forbes
26      Dan DeGroot
28      Bob Luz

13      Tom & Jen Huckman
20      Jonathan & Lois Brady
26      Grete & George Plender
28      Bruce & Denise Foreman
30      Bob & Gabriele Wallace

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